15 July 2020

We had hoped to hold a series of Q&A sessions around the Huon electorate in the lead up to the Legislative Council election on the 1st August but the Covid situation has made this impossible. Instead we are hosting an online Q&A with candidates. We will record it and make it available for streaming.

In some ways this will be more convenient for the many people who don’t go out much but would still like to actually hear from the candidates before voting. The sessions we held before the HVC elections in 2018 were well attended and very successful and by using this technology voters can watch it when it suits them best.

All six candidates have been invited to participate and we hope that they will all take advantage of this non-partisan opportunity to present themselves to the public.

We will give each candidate exactly the same opportunity to present themselves and answer questions that have been submitted by HVRRA members. The order of speaking for each question will be randomised using an online list generator and the speaking time will be strictly controlled to ensure that no individual candidate has an advantage. Depending on how many candidates participate the session should run for between 60 and 90 minutes.

It has been a difficult election campaign for the candidates with lockdown conditions followed by strict Covid prevention protocols preventing the usual door knocking and face to face opportunities.

Written candidate statements are useful but they’re carefully crafted and revised. It’s quite different from hearing and seeing a candidate answer live questions. The recording will be unedited so what you see will be exactly how it happened. Just like live TV.

The link for streaming the Q&A will be available here and on our Facebook at Huon Valley as soon as possible after the Q&A which will probably be held next Wednesday (22nd July).

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