HVRRA was formed in the wake of the dismissal of the mayor and councillors in 2016 and the appointment of Commissioner Adriana Taylor in 2016.

With an unelected Commissioner running council it became evident that residents and ratepayers of the Huon Valley needed an independent voice. That has not changed. HVRRA is that voice.

HVRRA promotes good governance

transparency & accountability

We aim to work constructively and cooperatively with all Councillors and the General Manager but we do not hesitate to question them on issues that we feel require clarification or take them to task if we feel that HVC is not behaving in an entirely  professional, transparent and accountable manner.

Local Government is the only tier of government that does not have a formal opposition to hold it to account. Unlike a formal opposition party we do not propose alternative policies we simply monitor council activities and hold councillors and council staff to account if and when appropriate.

The membership form can be filled in without printing it out and emailed back to us at  huonvalleyratepayers@gmail.com

Committee: Patrick Synge, Sylvia Merope,  Anne Elston, John Diment, Peter Dufferin, Brian Millar, Archie Donley, Liz Smith.