HVRRA was formed in the wake of the dismissal of the mayor and councillors in 2016 and the appointment of Commissioner Adriana Taylor in 2016.

With an unelected Commissioner running council it became evident that residents and ratepayers of the Huon Valley needed an independent voice.

The lack of good governance by HVC since mid-2021 and the breaches of the Code of Conduct clearly show that an independent voice is still needed. HVRRA is that voice.

Long Term Financial Plan  2022 – 2032

The Long Term Financial Plan  (LTFP) that was proposed for adoption at the council meeting on 15th June 2022 anticipates a 36% increase in rates over 4 years. Our seriously depleted council correctly deferred any decision until a new council is elected. Good community/council consultation between now and the election in October will help ensure that an appropriately amended version can be presented to the incoming Council. 

  • Where can spending be more effective?
  • Where should we not be spending money?
  • What are the hidden costs?

HVRRA promotes good governance

transparency & accountability

We want to work constructively and cooperatively with councillors and the HVC general manager at all times. But we do not hesitate to question them on issues that require clarification. Local Government is the only tier of government with no formal opposition to hold it to account. We are not an opposition party in that we do not propose alternative policies. But we do facilitate community discussion and consultation about issues important to residents, ratepayers and councillors.  Our community.

We also monitor council activities and hold councillors and council staff to account if not behaving in a professional, transparent and accountable manner. In other words we try to uphold Good Governance. Unfortunately the last 12 months has seen some extremely unprofessional conduct by councillors and led directly to resignations – with only 6 out of 9 councillors left.

The flawed recruitment process for the General Manager was followed by 3 resignations. Then we had controversial changes to the zonings after having neglected to undertake preliminary Land Use Strategic Planning.  And now we learn of a 10 year financial plan proposing a 36% hike in rates over 4 years. 

These factors combined have caused reverberations throughout the community which has unfortunately, but inevitably, led to distrust of councillors and some of the management team.   A level of dysfunction not seen since 2015. Hopefully the new council that will be elected in October will be better skilled and able to work cooperatively with one another to achieve better outcomes for residents and ratepayers. We encourage anyone who feels suitably skilled and able to make a contribution the community to seriously consider standing for election. With compulsory voting at this upcoming election in October it is a whole new ball game.

HVRRA is still here and we welcome new members.

Membership ($10 annual) does not require any active participation but shows that you support HVRRA – your community’s independent voice. As a member you can, of course,  nominate for the committee if you want to increase your participation level.

The membership form can be filled in without printing it out and emailed back to us at  huonvalleyratepayers@gmail.com

Committee: Patrick Synge (President/Public Officer), Martin Riddle (Vice President), John Diment (Treasurer), Brian Millar (Secretary), Liz Smith, Peter Dufferin, Jurgen Harder, Rejane Belanger