With the dismissal of the mayor and councillors in 2016 and the appointment of Commissioner Adriana Taylor it became evident that residents and ratepayers of the Huon Valley need an independent voice. HVRRA is that voice.

HVRRA promotes good governance,

transparency & accountability

We want to work constructively and cooperatively with Councillors and the GM but we will never hesitate to question them on issues that we feel require clarification or take them to task if we feel that HVC is not behaving in an entirely  professional and transparent manner.

The Huon Valley needs a diverse

strong and functional fresh new council.

The Board of Inquiry was expensive and disruptive, especially for those directly involved. The cost of the dysfunction did not end there. By the time the former GM left along with her infamous Page Seagar report ratepayers copped the best part of $1,000,000 bill.

All BoI recommendations must be examined and, where appropriate, followed up and implemented before we can move on with confidence.  Yes, it’s important to move forward but it’s equally important to learn from the past.P1000537


HVRRA  congratulates  Adriana Taylor for having established a culture of transparency and accountability. We look forward to this continuing with the new council along with genuine, constructive, 2-way community consultation.

In the past some councillors preferred to avoid discussion in public and would simply say that the matter being discussed had already been “workshopped” at a briefing session and should be put to the vote.

Ratepayers are entitled to know why decisions are being made, what arguments are being presented and by whom. We maintain that unless confidential matters are being discussed there is no valid reason for the public be excluded from workshops/briefing meetings.

If workshops are to remain closed to the public then The Board of Inquiry’s Recommendation #23 must become formal HVC policy (Information discussed in voluntary workshops should, where relevant to a council decision, be disclosed at council meetings and contained in council meeting papers)

For a copy of the Board of Inquiry report click here:    Huon_Valley_Council_Board_of_Inquiry_Report_to_the_Minister_-_JUNE_2016

The Huon Valley community now has the opportunity to reclaim the Council as our own and decide how we want the Valley to progress.

The membership form can be filled in without printing it out and emailed back to us at  huonvalleyratepayers@gmail.com

Committee: Patrick Synge, Sylvia Merope,  Anne Elston, John Diment, Peter Dufferin, Brian Millar, Archie Donley, Liz Smith.