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Download and save the form. You can either print it out and send it by post or simply fill it in and email it back to us as an attachment to: 

We can get you to sign it at a later date.

Your application will be considered at our next committee meeting and we will get back to you with confirmation. (Payment should be made at the time of application and will, of course, be fully refunded in the unlikely case of your application being declined).


The Huon Valley Residents & Ratepayers Association (Inc) was formed in October 2016 as a direct response to the findings of the Huon Valley Council Board of Inquiry and the Subsequent sacking of the Huon Valley Council (HVC) by the State Government.

We are non-partisan and have no affiliation with any political grouping or party and welcome members with any political philosophy (or none!). The more diversity the better.

However, if you’re thinking of joining please consider our “objects and purposes” and only apply to join the association if you are supportive of them.

As stated in our constitution our “objects and purposes” are to monitor and promote:

  • good governance of the Huon Valley municipality
  • transparency and accountability in all decision-making and dealings undertaken by HVC
  • efficiency in all activities of HVC
  • timely and effective community consultation by HVC whenever appropriate

and to:

  • communicate information about, and promote awareness of HVC governance issues to the Huon Valley community
  • advocate on behalf of residents and ratepayers with HVC 

For the entire constitution please click here: 161010 HVRRA constitution